Peter Mellen writes with great humor, vulnerability, and heart. You will laugh and cry reading his story, and you may just wake up to your own perfection—right here, and right now!

– Christine Warren, author of Navigating Change

ULTIMATE HAPPINESS is articulate, wise, heartbreaking and funny. It provides profound new insights for anyone wanting to find inner peace and an end to suffering.

– Judy Warner, author/editor of Transformation of the Heart

It was truly one of the most tender love stories I have ever read. Bravo!

– Adele O’Neill, OBGYN Nurse Practitioner

Peter chronicles the spiritual quest of the boomer generation with great intimacy, insight, and compassion. His self-deprecating humor speaks to both the earnestness and the hilarity of the search.

– Eric Knudsen, inventor of the Knu-Pack Portaging System

Despite the uniqueness of his wild ride, you can’t help but feel his quest as your own.

– Jonathan Foust, Senior Teacher, Insight Meditation Community, Washington DC

Peter Mellen is a master storyteller.

– Christopher Baxter, Founder of Inner Sky Yoga

He not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

– Susan Lulow, PhD, Psychoanalyst and Marriage and Family Therapist